Presented by Harry Morgan, M.A., M.Div., Th.M., PhD, LMHC, Phil Lewis, M.A., Certified Life Coach, Glenn Pav, Marketplace Chaplain

Seminar Title:  Linking Pastoral Counseling, Life Coaching and the Chaplain Ministry to Licensed Clinical Counseling

Seminar Objectives: 1. Identify the unique roles, responsibilities and restrictions in pastoral counseling, life-coaching, chaplaincy, and clinical counseling.  2. Understand how each of these counseling ministries can relate and benefit each other and their clients. 3. Understand ethical and legal issues associated with pastoral and mental health counseling.

Discussion: 1. What are the unique roles, functions, and identities of pastoral counselors, life coaches, corporate chaplains, and mental health clinicians? 2. What paradigms shape their understanding of the needs of others?  3. What are ethical boundaries and legal issues associated with pastoral and mental health counseling? 4. How do these various ministries work together in serving local churches and our Lord Jesus Christ? 5. When should Chaplain/Pastor refer their client to a Clinician? 6. When should Clinician refer their client to Chaplain/Pastor to complete confidential discussion/counseling?

Seminar Format: The format for our Educational Enrichment Seminar is interactive allowing two hours for the seminar, including a brief break followed by a single hour of facilitated discussion on how exploring spiritual values with clients on this issue can be integrated with other therapeutic tools to enhance the therapy process.