Ernesto Vasquez, MD

May 13, 2021

Since September 2020, I have given 4 seminars on the covid-19 situation at NCC meetings. The last one took place on May 10, 2021. That seminar organizes more clearly the information in the previous ones, and is available at the NCC website in the Resources section.

I think of the salient events of the last 20 years culminating in the covid-19 pan-demic (the 9/11 attacks, mass shootings, the financial attacks of 2008…and this pandemic) as spiritual warfare waged by evil human beings against the whole of humankind.

I have tried to organized my views on the so-called covid-19 pandemic under 2 general headings:

  1. The creative work of God: we are created in his image and to his likeness.
  2. The destructive work of Satan (human evil actions) exemplified by the covid-19 pandemic including eugenics, transhumanism, and the resulting abject poverty.

The most current big event is the covid vaccination campaign which has started in earnest a larger drive of human extermination and the further enslavement of those who survive.

The covid vaccine is the instrument for both extermination (eugenics) and enslavement, with the vaccination passports which will implement the equivalent of the Chinese social credit control system.

The vaccine also mediates the additional transhumanism program of subjugation and control.

Transhumanism is the merger of our biological systems with digital technology, especially nanotechnology.

Indirect evidence of this merger appeared on May 11, 2021 in the unusual phenomenon of magnets adhering to the injection site in the arm but not elsewhere in the body of some of the vaccinated people in this video

image description

The next big events in this war against humankind may be coming in late summer, early autumn if not before, in the form of cyber attacks against everything (government facilities, healthcare systems, utilities, financial institu-tions…). The disabling of a large gasoline pipeline on May 9, 2021 may be a forerunner.

The challenge is what to do with this information in the consulting room as Christian mental health professionals who pray for and with patients/ clients/wounded people. I am writing this post to emphasize the following.

I believe the process of what to do with this information for us mental pro-fessionals should start long before we can utilize it in our consulting rooms.

If we prayerfully examine this information—this different way of thinking about things—then we may be given the ears to hear and the eyes to see that we are being deceived, that what we are told will save us is actually what may kill and enslave us.

This process of coming to hear and to see truth, of coming to believe—faith more as a verb and less as a noun—is, of course, a profound personal trans-formation.

We bring Christ, truth, into our own bedeviled world first. Then we can arrive at that crucial step of Alcoholics Anonymous: “Having had a spiritual awake-ning, we carry this message to others, and practice these principles in all our affairs.”

In prayer with our patients we walk together in God’s presence, without fear, through the valley of death, “siblings-in-the-same-darkness” as Dr. Robert Stolo-row* puts it, “deeply connected to one another in virtue of our common finitude [and faith].”

Stolorow goes on to say that “our emotional kinship-in-finitude has significant ethical implications insofar as it motivates us, or even obligates us, to care about and for our brothers’ and sisters’ existential vulnerability and pain. Imagine a society in which the obligation to provide understanding for others’ emotional pain has become a shared ethical principle. In such a societal context, human beings would be much more capable of owning and living in their existential anxiety, rather than having to revert to the grandiose, destructive evasions of it that have been so characteristic of human history… IF WE CAN HELP ONE ANOTHER BEAR THE DARKNESS, THEN PERHAPS ONE DAY WE CAN SEE THE LIGHT.” (emphasis added).

*Reference: Stolorow, R.D. Imagine a World. . . International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self- Psychology. 3:126-128, 2008.