Why Pray for The Peace of Israel?

No matter where you are at with your heart’s response to the onslaught of terror that has infiltrated our nation and around the world, the truth must be told.

The war in Israel is egregious and a horrific reminder of how depraved men can become when they allow their heart, mind, and soul to be given over to the prince of darkness. Our hearts cry out in utter shock and astonishment at what we are hearing and seeing from the middle east.

“On Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023, the Hamas terrorist group launched a full-scale, surprise attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip. This happened not only on the Sabbath, but it was also the final day of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles.

The coordinated invasion came by air, land, and sea, with the militant group firing more than 3,000 rockets and sending dozens of fighters to infiltrate Israel’s heavily fortified border on foot and by motorized paragliders and speedboats.

These attacks have resulted in hundreds of deaths, thousands injured, as well as hostages being taken, including young children, families, and the elderly.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared a state of emergency and war, calling up nearly all the army reserve soldiers and launching counterattacks. From the United States, President Joe Biden condemned the attacks and vowed to stand with Israel” [1]


The only clear understanding of this atrocity comes to us from our highest level of living, our spirituality. And spiritual matters require spiritual insight and spiritual responses.

In response to Israel, here’s what we know is true according to the Holy Scriptures which is the Word of God.

Israel is God’s chosen nation.[2] The Jewish people are deemed precious and beloved; the “apple of His eye.”[3] The nation of Israel is in covenant with God for the land of Israel [4] Their land belongs to them.

In spite of the attacks against the Jewish nation, past, present, and future, God’s determined purpose will prevail. God does not lie or break His covenant,[5] We have seen the Jewish nation rescued, restored, and redeemed throughout history, from the Babylonian exile to the Diaspora, to the most recent Yom Kippur War 50 years ago.

Likewise, as believers, we have been grafted into this holy nation through his son Jesus Christ. Our salvation through Jesus brings us into the same covenant and we become as children of Abraham, the father of Israel.[6]

Our brothers and sisters in Israel and the innocent victims in Gaza and the surrounding regions are suffering tremendously. What do we do? How do we respond?

Look no further than the holy scriptures. God calls us to pray for the peace of Israel.[7]  Peace to Israel brings peace throughout the land.

Likewise, take comfort in the words that God will bless those who bless Israel. But be alarmed by the warning that He will curse those who curse Israel. [8]

Now is a time to take a stand for Israel, God’s chosen nation. For prayers that you can pray, download the Prayer for Israel at War.

I would also like to encourage you to consider the practice of lighting candles on Shabbat, a custom of the Jewish faith. By lighting candles in unity with Israel, we are ensuring that the light of Israel will never be extinguished.

Consider lighting your candles on Shabbat with these thoughts in mind:

  • First, light a candle to honor the Sabbath and in submission to Almighty God.[9], [10]
  • Secondly, light a candle to stand in solidarity with the Jewish people.
  • Thirdly, light a candle in memory of someone, as a memorial. Remember the victims of terror amongst God’s children, our brothers and sisters.

Pray, My Friends, for The Peace of Israel.

To stay abreast of Israel News from reliable and honest journalism check out the following links:

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Finally, if you would like to show your financial support, consider donating to Christians United for Israel, where every dollar will count towards this righteous cause.

Thank you for your support and your prayers for the peace of Israel!

Dr. Pamela


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