Complicated Grief

Death and trauma are part of being alive! But we are just coming through a pandemic where illness and death visited every Nation in the world killing 3.93M people: grandparents, fathers, mothers, children, and friends. This might be a good time to talk about complicated grief.

As Christians our hearts are anchored in the promises of God, allowing us to stand firm when troubles come.  With faith, no matter what, your heart which is sealed with the promises of Christ, remains actively peaceful, and hope-filled. As Counselors we will discuss how we can help others shed the burden of grief and trauma by placing their hearts in His hands and their struggles in ours.

The objectives for this seminar include:

  1. Differentiating between Mourning and Grieving.
  2. Explore frequently believed myths about the grieving process.
  3. Review what Scripture teaches about life and death.
  4. Discuss examples of different techniques people have used to help cope with their grief.