Seminar Topic – “Complicated Grief”

Complicated Grief Death and trauma are part of being alive! But we are just coming through a pandemic where illness and death visited every Nation in the world killing 3.93M people: grandparents, fathers, mothers, children, and friends. This might be a good time to talk about complicated grief. As Christians our hearts are anchored [...]

2024-02-02T15:47:44-05:00July 12th, 2021|Network of Christian Counselors, Seminar|


SEMINARS ON THE COVID-19 SITUATION— SUMMARY & CONCLUSIONS Ernesto Vasquez, MD May 13, 2021 Since September 2020, I have given 4 seminars on the covid-19 situation at NCC meetings. The last one took place on May 10, 2021. That seminar organizes more clearly the information in the previous ones, and is available at the [...]


Larry Chappel, LMHC DESCRIPTION Overcoming Five Roadblocks to Christian Manhood It has been said that the difference between a man and a boy is that a man will deny himself to meet the needs of others. A boy meets his needs first. When men put their needs before others in relationship, problems are soon [...]

2024-02-02T15:47:44-05:00November 23rd, 2020|Network of Christian Counselors, Seminar|

Understanding and Mitigating the Human Suffering Inflicted by the COVID-19 Narrative

Ernesto Vasquez, MD DESCRIPTION 1. Recent psychological studies provide two radically different understandings of psychological responses to contagious malady and its management. 2. These studies are grounded by radically different and incompatible ways of psychological theorizing and reach equally different and incompatible conclusions and recommendations. 3. This seminar will offer ways of analyzing these [...]

“Linking Pastoral Counseling, Life Coaching and Chaplain Ministry to Licensed Clinical Counseling” – Seminar

Presented by Harry Morgan, M.A., M.Div., Th.M., PhD, LMHC, Phil Lewis, M.A., Certified Life Coach, Glenn Pav, Marketplace Chaplain Seminar Title:  Linking Pastoral Counseling, Life Coaching and the Chaplain Ministry to Licensed Clinical Counseling Seminar Objectives: 1. Identify the unique roles, responsibilities and restrictions in pastoral counseling, life-coaching, chaplaincy, and clinical counseling.  2. Understand [...]

April Webinar – “Clinical and Theological Significance of Acceptance and Affirmation”

Clinical and Theological Significance of Acceptance and Affirmation Presented by James Robert Ross, Ph.D., LMFT The reality is that in psychotherapy, positive affirmations are a useful and highly effective tool for replacing the often deeply ingrained negative thought patterns circling through the minds of those experiencing the symptoms of a wide range of mental [...]

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March Seminar – “Preparing Couples for a Second (or Third, Fourth, etc.) Marriage”

Presented by Delores Puterbaugh, PhD, LMHC, LMFT, BCC Marriage and divorce are both common experiences. In Western cultures, more than 90 percent of people marry by age 50. Healthy marriages are good for couples’ mental and physical health. They are also good for children; growing up in a happy home protects children from mental, [...]

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