Ernesto Vasquez, MD


1. Recent psychological studies provide two radically different understandings of psychological responses to contagious malady and its management.

2. These studies are grounded by radically different and incompatible ways of psychological theorizing and reach equally different and incompatible conclusions and recommendations.

3. This seminar will offer ways of analyzing these studies and of discerning sensible conclusions about and approaches to the human suffering under consideration .


1. Learn the origins and consequences of two opposing ways of psychological theorizing.

2. Learn two different conceptions of human nature, human suffering in general, and psychological suffering in particular.

3. Based on the above, discern sensible ways of mitigating the human suffering under consideration and of promoting resilience and wellbeing.


*Oxford English Dictionary:

narrative, noun,
1.3 A representation of a particular situation or process in such a way as to reflect or conform to an overarching set of aims or values.